The Redemption of Lord Rawlings

Van Dyken
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Phillip, Lord Rawlings is in a sorry state of affairs. He doesn’t want marriage, but if he doesn’t find a wife, he’ll lose the fortune he inherited when his father died.  He regrets his past chasing women and drinking, and his subsequent bad reputation.  Unbeknownst to him, Abigail is bound and determined to be his wife.  Abigail is a luscious eighteen-year-old on her first Season, much too young for a hardened rake like him, but she’s throwing herself at him at every turn.  Phillip is in over his head trying to save Abigail from himself and finding a wife who will have him before his three months’ grace period is up.  Abigail has been in love with Phillip since she was a young girl, and she knows they belong together. Can she show Phillip that she’s the only bride he needs?
The Redemption of Lord Rawlings was very pleasing and enjoyable, with characters that are lively and engaging!  Although the author captures the Regency period in a way that is a little too “by the numbers”, the emotional journeys of the characters and their amusing interactions make this novel shine. Phillip and Abigail have excellent chemistry, which gives this sweet romance a heat despite the lack of descriptive love scenes. The secondary characters add flavor and humor to this appealing, light romance.  Overall, this is a recommended read for Regency historical romance readers!

Danielle Hill