The Red Wolf’s Prize (Medieval Warriors #1)


MEDIEVAL:  Sir Renaud de Pierrepont, a Norman knight and one of the King's most favored, has been given the coveted Saxon land of Talisand as reward for his courage and service.  Along with the land, he is awarded the slain Thegn’s beautiful and renowned daughter, Serena.  However, unbeknownst to Renaud, Serena vows never to give herself or her people to the hated Normans.  Before his arrival, she successfully helps the women escape, dyes her famous golden hair brown and poses as a servant girl until she can discover a way to defeat the dreaded invaders.  Renaud is not so easily deterred, however, and determines to find his bride and tame both her and the land he now owns.


Rarely is a story set in the time when Saxon’s fought Normans for the island prize of England that incorporates spot-on history with a riveting storyline like “The Red Wolf’s Prize”!  From the outset it is obvious the book has been very well researched and stays refreshingly true to the time.  The descriptions are realistic to the era, successfully emerging the reader so smoothly one readily smells, sees and believes each twist and turn that holds one captive.  There are moments of fun and silliness and moments of harsh reality.  It does drag just a smidge in the middle but the characters are so engaging and the story so engrossing that one readily continues on, anxiously waiting for their happily ever after!


Ruth Lynn Ritter