Red River Crossing


Beauregard Kennedy is called back to the Pinkerton Agency to help on a case. Little does he expect to come face to face with the one woman who has never been far from his heart. Ten years ago, Beau left Jessica Sanders on a train platform without an explanation. She devoted herself to becoming one of the few female Pinkerton Agents there were and trying to forget the man who broke her heart. Assigned to the Red River Crossing case, she is determined to prove that she's also their best female agent. Discovering that Beau is the agent assigned to assist her only doubles her determination to show him that she can stand on her own. However, the case will test both of them, as Jessica becomes a dancer in a saloon in order to capture a man who has been swindling widows. Beau will do anything to keep Jessica safe and in his arms forever.

This is a heartwarming Western romance that will keep readers entertained from start to finish! "Red River Crossing" has all the right ingredients with the backdrop of a small western town, the requisite saloon and a cast of memorable characters. Jessica is feisty and independent and a worthy partner for Beau, a man who regrets letting this amazing woman go out of his life. The backstory for these two characters could have been further developed and woven in throughout the story. Nonetheless, anyone looking for a cozy afternoon read need look no further than "Red River Crossing!"

Tricia Hill