The Red Fury (d'Vant Bloodlines Book 2)

Le Veque

Josephine de Carron is trying to keep her family home safe. Under constant attack, Castle Torridon is not going to withstand much more. With no other choice, Josephine decides the best course of action is to engage the services of the most feared mercenary, known as The Red Fury. Andrew d'Vant is leader of a mercenary army that is feared throughout the land. Summoned to Castle Torridon, he immediately knows that they won't be able to afford his services. When he meets Josephine, however, something stirs inside him, and he agrees to help. When the King uses Josephine to further political gains, Andrew cannot bear her being promised to his evil brother. Andrew must reunite with those he's fought with in the past to save the woman he loves. 

Wow! From the first letter, this book takes a tight hold and refuses to let go. The characters are well written, their dialogue perfect for the time period, as are the descriptions of the historical surroundings of Scotland. It is difficult to find anything wrong with this book as it has everything: political plots, a love story, and an enemy readers will love to hate. Kathryn Le Veque has stopped at nothing to give readers a plot that moves in such a way that reading just one more chapter may end up becoming the entire book. This is a must read for historical romance and highland fans.

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick