Rebellious (Poisonous Passions Book 3)


Lynette Wolcott happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time when her carriage is stopped and robbed by the highwayman, Wyvern. Fortunately, Maxwell Rycroft saves the day and Lynette, even though he doesn’t want to. However, Max soon discovers that Lynette is much more than he can handle. She does what she can to take matters into her own hands and learns secrets she shouldn’t know. Max is forced to press for her return to Briarwyck before he has to take the more violent option of removing her. The only question is whether Lynette will tempt him into taking a different route.

Right off the bat, readers will be enthralled with this exciting plot, persuading them to never let this book touch the table until it’s finished. The author does a brilliant job of immediately enveloping the readers into the plot with an action scene to keep them on their toes. Unfortunately, it’s hard to keep up with a plot that moves so fast, and readers may feel lost toward the middle of the book. However, the author does give readers an attractive slow-burn romance, playing the enemies-to-lovers card to keep readers interested. It gets hard to keep track of all the character names, since there are so many different family members, and they all have different last names. The character development and focus on both protagonists does make up for the lack of organization and the author ties Max and Lynette together wonderfully, without forcing them to give away a part of themselves. If readers like action, lust, and romance, this book is a great choice.

Austen Grace