The Rebel’s Promise


When Rosie Delacourt finds Jack Lindsey, Earl of St. Anton, wounded by the side of the road, her only thought is to help him.  She takes him home to her father’s house and diligently nurses him back to health.  During his recovery, Jack and Rosie become increasingly attracted to each other.  Rosie’s greedy neighbor, Sir Clive Sheridan, would like to see the Earl gone so that he can wed Rosie himself and add her rich dowry to his own depleted coffers.  When Sir Clive discovers that Jack is a member of the Jacobite rebellion, it is all he needs to coerce Rosie into agreeing to be his bride or else he will turn her entire family in to the English crown for treason.  Is there any way Rosie and Jack can outwit Sir Clive and find a way to be together?

Ms. Godman’s tale is a respectable rehashing of the classic plot device (made famous by Shakespeare) of the misunderstanding between lovers where one party refuses to explain the situation out of an altruistic attempt to protect the other. Unfortunately, by keeping the characters (especially the villain) very shallow, with little depth to intrigue readers, the story misses a chance to draw people in.  Even though no new ground is covered, this historical romance hits all the basics of the genre – lovers, conflict, happy ever after – and the final chapters employ enough overwrought drama to satisfy even the most devoted watcher of daytime soaps!  


Leslie Stokes