Rebekah’s Quilt


INSPIRATIONAL:  Elnora and Samuel Stoll are part of an Amish community traveling to the Indiana Territory, when they come upon a horrific wagon accident.  There are no survivors, and as they prepare to bury the dead, they hear a heartrending cry that sounds like a baby!  And it is, a beautiful baby girl very much alive.  The Stoll’s have no children, so they name her Rebekah and adopt her.  The years pass peacefully, with younger brothers coming to join the family.  Rebekah has eyes for Joseph, a handsome young man from a neighboring family.  They are just friends, yet there is that special spark when Joseph comes to visit.  When a stranger comes to visit, Rebekah doesn’t think much of it, but he seems awfully interested in her.  He notices that her whole family has dark hair, while she has blond hair.  She’s never given it much thought, but it does seem strange.  When the stranger turns out to be Rebekah’s brother, the only other survivor from the wagon crash, her world turns upside down. 


 “Rebekah’s Quilt” is a tender love story between two Amish young people that also gives readers a peek into the everyday lives of the Amish during the pioneer era.  The story of the family’s life is well written, but the introduction of the long-lost brother is somewhat awkward.  The resulting impact on Rebekah is predictable but short lived, with the storyline returning to Rebekah and Joseph and their romance.  While the outcome is expected, readers will enjoy this sweet story of loss, love, and a happily ever after.


Victoria Z. Burg