The Rake of Hearts (A Lady to Suit #2)


Lord Ernest is a notorious rake, and the young widow, Hebe Lock, is having none of his seduction! She is a budding artist and has been commissioned to paint some horses. Her spunky aunt accompanies Hebe to the estate where she discovers Lord Ernest will be there as well. Little does Hebe know that Lord Ernest has a way with animals. How can someone who has such compassion for animals be such a rake? Lord Ernest is completely captivated by Hebe even with the cold shoulder she has been giving him. Why is she keeping him at arm’s length? When he discovers the pain she endured in her last marriage, he will stop at nothing to make her see his true self.

Join Hebe and discover whether Lord Ernest is a “depraved rake or a compassionate enchanter!” It is guaranteed readers will be seduced by “The Rake of Hearts” as well! While this trope has been employed numerous times, it never gets old. Hebe learns that sometimes there is more to a person than meets the eye and sometimes people hide their true selves. Ernest discovers that sometimes people lash out because of the pain that they have had to endure. Hebe is a victim of domestic abuse, and Ernest makes her see her own worth. But don’t forget about Hebe’s aunt! She is spunky and not afraid of a little scandal. Her side-story is quite charming.  There is no doubt that this is a wonderful character-driven novel. Now, sit back and relax...and prepare to be seduced!

Amanda Hupe