Raider of the Deep: Pirates of Britannia Connected World


Lizzette Wickham is the daughter of the governor of the island of Manta Cay. Her world is turned upside down when she discovers that her father has been shot and killed. As he dies in her arms, he mentions the name Rourke Mackall. She is taken by a pirate by the name of Pargo and blackmailed into finding his treasure. Rourke Mackall is also a pirate, but was also friends with the late governor and promised to care for his children should something happen to him. He never knew that Lizzette Wickham was a beautiful young woman and not a child. Honoring his word, he helps Lizzette track down the treasure. Rourke is a fierce pirate but can’t help turn soft just by looking at Lizzette. They not only risk their lives but also their hearts. 

This historical fiction is a delightful adventure! It is not very long, but it does pack a punch and the characters are a marvel! Despite being known as a ferocious pirate, it is quite lovely to see Rourke show his human side. Lizzette struggles with her naivety throughout the book, but the experiences allow her to grow! Together, their chemistry is through the roof. Also, the detail is glorious! From the clothing to the battle descriptions, readers will feel completely immersed in the story. At times, the pacing can be a little inconsistent. The search for the treasure is a little slow, but the ending wraps up quickly. However, there is no disappointment because the ending is so heartwarming, readers may just burst with joy! Be prepared to spend an entire afternoon on the high seas!

Amanda Hupe