Quinn and the Mail-Order Bride (Texas Hill Country Mail Order Brides)

Caroline Clemmons

Quinn McRae is as rough and tumble as they come. The youngest of the McRae brothers, he has the reputation for being the wildest, and the only one who hasn’t settled down. But when times get tough after the Civil War, Quinn finds himself heading back to Texas and the brothers he’d once left behind. But Quinn’s demons travel with him, and even back on the farm, he finds himself trying to escape the war. His brothers, in an attempt to tame Quinn’s wild side, find him a mail-order bride. But when Priscilla arrives from Boston, she expects to find a loving husband, not a man at war with himself. Priscilla and Quinn must either find a way to come together as man and wife if they want to build a life together or accept things as they are and live separate lives in the same home. 

“Quinn and the Mail-Order Bride” is a sweet historical romance set in Texas after the Civil War. The dialogue, narration, and setting pull the reader into the past where they can experience the wild, wild West with the McRae brothers, and struggle to find love with Quinn and Priscilla. While the relationship between the two lovers is engaging, as is the family dynamic between the brothers, the plot itself was a little slow, with the central conflict being Quinn’s inner demons keeping them apart, which drags down the pacing of the story. However, for fans of historical romance, this one will give you a love to remember.

Nicole Harlowe