Reviews - Historical

Rosalind Chatham is getting married, whether she wants to or not. As Christmas approaches, Rosalind and her family are arriving at the Duke of Westons castle. They are there to celebrate the Christmas holiday and her marriage to the much older Earl of Gloucester.

Mattie Duncan, headstrong daughter of the owners of Duncan Mercantile in Boston, has decided to become a firefighter to be closer to the man she loves. Jack Taylor, suffering from guilt for his younger brother's fiery death two years ago, reluctantly agrees to train her. Out of respect for his brother's unrequited feelings for Mattie, he decides he can never pursue a relationship with her.

TIME TRAVEL: A trip to Paris to pick up a few things for her ill mother at an enigmatic antique’s shop, leaves Mirabelle Montgomery with a mysterious coin purse and a note that leads her to the Luxembourg Carousel. A quick ride out of nostalgia, however, takes her through a time travel vortex back to 1900 Paris with only a warning to “Vanish into the past which holds your future.

A Midnight Masquerade (Timeless Georgian Collection)
Elizabeth Johns, Jen Geigle Johnson,
Annette Lyon

HISTORICAL: The latest collection of Timeless tales, “A Double Masquerade” by Elizabeth Johns features an unwilling Lord Claremont in search of a wife, who finds his match dressed as a peacock at a masquerade. Phoebe Cartwright isn’t supposed to be out this season, but a last-minute swap to help her cousin soon draws the attention of a fox she doesn’t wish to share.

Miss Abigail “Abby” Grantham loves astronomy. When her uncle asks her to come to his home to do star charting for him, Abby doesn’t hesitate to go. On the way, Abby stops the carriage so she can look at the stars. A stranger approaches, who Abby pokes in the stomach with her umbrella. The outsider isn’t really an intruder, but William, Viscount Rochvale.