The Questing

Le Veque

Lady Diamantha Edlington lost her beloved husband three months ago. She is still learning to cope with her grief without neglecting her daughter. The last thing she needs is an arrogant knight wanting her hand in marriage. Not that she has much choice, what with her father already giving her to Sir Cortez de Bretagne. But when she learns that he left her husband to die alone she digs in her heels: she will marry him, but only when he brings her husband’s body home.


Cortez is really not that keen on her plan: it would take him a long time to travel to Scotland and back, not to mention what it would take him to find his friend’s body. When she decides to join him, he tries to balk; but he doesn’t really have a choice.  It would make his marriage far more pleasant if his bride was willing.


"The Questing" is a sweeping medieval romance with a strong couple at its center. Cortez, for all his arrogance, can also be sweet and loving. Ms. LeVeque's writing is especially poignant when portraying his dealings with Sophie. Diamantha is a woman ahead of the times, willing to stand up and fight for what she needs. Sometimes, though, her behavior is over the top. The plot itself differs from the usual medieval romance plot, and barring a twist at the end which felt jarring, it is compelling and enjoyable. All in all, it’s a story a reader with fondness for historical romances should not miss out on!


Ana Smith