Queen of Lost Stars

Le Veque

MEDIEVAL:   Madelayne Gray d'Ebreux is devastated.  After a hard labor, her child is born dead.  While still reeling from the news, she also learns that her husband has been killed in what was supposed to be a small skirmish.  His commander also received a near fatal stomach wound.  In a last ditch attempt to save his life, the doctor begs Madelayne to do the only thing that might save him - give him the life-nourishing milk that was meant for her babe. Horrified at the inappropriateness but not wanting another death on her hands, Madelayne agrees.


After hovering near death, Kaspien finally regains consciousness only to discover the method used in his miraculous recovery.  But, how can he continue when the lady is not only his liege’s widow but a woman he has trouble resisting?   Soon, however, the awkwardness gives way to a bond and a passion they have never felt before.  But, with evil in their midst, Kaspien and Maedlayne will need courage beyond their comprehension to save their lives and their love.


What a unique and amazing story!  Ms. Le Veque has taken a very realistic situation that was not unheard of in an age before antibiotics and turned it into one of the best romances available!  While the subject matter may make some uncomfortable, it is not overly graphic in anyway.  Rather, it is a means to further the plot and establish an unbreakable bond in the characters.  While some of the situational conflicts were a little over the top, this truly is a very creative and completely enthralling dip into medieval romance!


Ruth Lynn Ritter