Promised to the Highlander (The Highland Chiefs #2)


Nessia Stephenson is betrothed to William MacKay. Although she would prefer living on her own land, she must marry for security and protection. Yet no matter how much she accepts William, it is his older brother and clan chief, Fergus, that has her love. When a rival clan threatens the MacKays with war she fears for Fergus's safety and is torn between her duty and her heart. Fergus battles his desire for Nessia, his responsibility to his clan and loyalty to his brother. His sacrifice is greater than he ever expected to give.

 Author Kate Robbins' "Promised to the Highlander" opens vividly and makes the reader feel as though they are leaping into the setting, with imagery brilliant enough to bring the reader to the highlands of Scotland!  No small feat, considering that it happens within the first few pages of this, the second book of "The Highland Chiefs" series.  When there is a softer point it is engaging and emotional, when it reaches a high point it is exciting and completely entertaining! Fergus is the admirable kind of hero that easily lives up to one's expectations. Nessia is a strong woman with a warm demeanor and a level head, nicely balancing the harsher elements of the medieval era. A secondary love story lingering in the background lacked the luster needed in order to truly captivate, yet was interesting and added to the main plot. Nessia and Fergus together give historical romance lovers a dreamy and steamy charismatic couple to love! 

 Margaret Faria