A Promise of Tomorrow (Medieval Runaway Wives Book 2)


From shopkeeper's daughter to Comtesse de la Tresse, Marielle Matesse seems to have it all. But childless and with a husband who treats her like a fragile object, she longs for more. When English knight Ashby Fitz Waryn visits to learn about her husband's vineyards, Marielle is faced with a forbidden attraction. Ashby has enjoyed the company of many women, but none have gotten under his skin so quickly and deeply as Marielle. He knows there is no future and vows to return swiftly to England. However, the unexpected death of Marielle's husband sets Marielle free. Ashby has nothing to offer the widow and is too proud to accept help from his lord, but as danger mounts and Marielle chooses to give up everything to save her family, Ashby will do anything to save the woman he loves.

"A Promise of Tomorrow" is the story of a proud knight and a gentle widow, and is a worthy sequel in the Medieval Runaway Wives series! Readers of book 1 will be pleased to find Ashby has taken center stage. Known as a man who loves women, there is some justice that the woman he falls for is already taken. Marielle's unhappiness comes through clearly, but the fact she is married makes it awkward to root for her. It might be for that reason that the beginning of the story seems slow to engage the reader. However, once the pace picks up, the suspense rises as do the stakes and the climax at the end will keep readers guessing. "A Promise of Tomorrow" offers up knights, castles, and dungeons, for a romantic adventure that is page-turning fun!

Tricia Hill