The Promise of Tomorrow


Charlotte and her sister Hannah are on the run from the evil McBride, who took over as their guardian after their parents and grandparents died. As fate would have it, they come across a shop in Yorkshire, owned by a man named Stan and his wife Bessie. The couple takes them in as though they were own children. However, evil does not stop. McBride hunts down Charlotte and begins stalking her. Charlotte’s only solution is to marry Harry Belmont, the handsome and wealthy mine owner in the village. When World War I breaks out and Harry goes to fight, Charlotte must oversee their home and mine, but will she be able to handle it all with McBride still on the loose? What of Harry? Will he return from this terrible war?

Readers will need to grab the tissues for this heart-wrenching and emotional historical fiction! The history behind this story is unbelievably fantastic and accurate. The author does a splendid job of capturing the years 1912 to 1919 and the turbulent times of World War I. The descriptions of the war and its effects on the soldiers and their loved ones who were left at home are riveting, and the characters are also sensational. Charlotte is a strong woman determined to survive and take care of those she loves. Harry cares deeply for everyone around him and is willing to step up in any situation, including in the war. All the characters develop drastically through this story and the pace never seems to slow down. It is impossible to put this novel that is filled with courage and hope down!

Amanda Hupe