By Promise Made

Susan Leigh

Hugh Cullane of Makgullane is about to lose his head! He only meant to steal a kiss, but Katherine Payne is no ordinary lass. Kit takes her position as protector of baby Mary, Queen of the Scots, quite seriously. When Hugh discloses that he brings a proposal from the English, it does him no favors. While Kit knows she should kill the messenger, her heart wars with her head. Hugh has never met a woman like Kit and is determined to prove himself to her. Soon the two are running from the English with Mary. They fall in with a troupe of entertainers, and with the help of their new friends, disguise themselves as they cross Scotland. Just as Kit discovers love, they are captured! Can they escape and create a new life for themselves before it's too late?

"By Promise Made" is an engaging and entertaining medieval tale filled with Scottish brogue, historical political plots, and a clever twist! Lovers of Scottish romance will enjoy this latest addition to the genre. Katherine is an intriguing, out-of-the-ordinary heroine with her warrior training. Hugh is a charming, ne'er-do-well who grows into himself. The story starts off with a bang, but the pace slows for longer than it should, and Hugh's tumble into love happens too fast to be realistic. Once the English attack, the story picks up and the tension and suspense flow from page to page. The troupe of entertainers provides a lighthearted and amusing element that balances nicely with the suspense. Emotional high points are tissue worthy! This cleverly crafted work will wow readers with a sweeping emotional tale that scores high marks in satisfaction!

Tricia Hill