The Promise of Love (The Book of Love 10)


June Farthingale and her sisters are headed to London for her debut season when they meet Augustus MacLauren. Augustus, a Scottish general, catches June’s eye and she decides to test out the lessons she has learned from the Book of Love on him. When several town troublemakers seek to harm June, she and Augustus grow closer than either expected. But the demands of Augustus’s political job make him hesitant to let any woman close, especially as his feelings grow deeper than he ever dreamed possible. June knows he is her perfect match, but she must convince him to believe it as well.

Meara Platt’s “The Promise of Love” is an entertaining regency romp with a charismatic cast of characters.  June is a spirited, plucky heroine who truly shines in action scenes. Augustus’s friends are unique and fun additions to the story, leaving readers wanting to encounter them again and again. The romance between June and Augustus develops very quickly, not allowing much room for growth. Whereas Augustus’s chemistry and interest feels organic, June’s side feels more narrated rather than shown through her actions—struggling to rise above the idea of using Augustus as a “test frog.”  The actual practice of June reading the book to Augustus feels repetitive at times, causing the pace to drag occasionally. But when not mired down in the Book of Love, the plot moves along at a perfect clip. Blending English and Scottish charm, “The Promise of Love” finds the perfect balance of exciting and sweet.

Shailyn Rogers