The Promise

Le Veque

In the year 1208, A.D., Sir Cullen de Nerra is sent to spy on Preston de Lacy believing he is behind a recent insurgence against the king. However, after the death of his nephew, de Lacy is duty bound to marry Lady Teodora “Teddy” de Rivington. The marriage is advantageous to both sides since Teddy is in the perfect position to garner information, either from her family or from de Lacy.  But despite her prowess on the battlefield and her feisty, independent nature, she is clueless when it comes to politics. She goes through with the marriage, nonetheless, but is stunned to discover her husband has sent a surrogate to consummate the marriage- Sir Cullen de Nerra!! 

This is medieval romance at its finest! Just when one thinks this genre is a lost art, in walks Kathryn Le Veque with a stunning old-school Medieval romance!!  Laced with gallantry, passion, chivalry, intrigue and suspense, this epic love story whisks the reader away to another time and place. Here, battles are waged with valor, love is worth any sacrifice, the characters are strong-willed and honorable, and the romance is emotional, amorous and tempestuous.  However, one should be prepared for a couple of uncomfortably intense passages. That said, the historical accuracy is wonderfully realistic, which is what makes this story so good!! The adversity Teddy and Cullen face only make their happily ever after that much sweeter!  If you are looking for the real deal in Medieval Historical romance- look no further!

Julie Whiteley