The Private War of Corporal Henson

E. Michael

It’s been 17 years since Nathan Henson returned from Vietnam, and he is still haunted by the atrocities he witnessed and had to participate in. He joins a support group where he meets other ex-military just like him. Each member of the group is dealing with PTSD in their own way, and George Browne will try and help them to learn to deal with the terrible disorder.  Group therapy forces Nathan to deal with the past and face it head on. 


Helen Morris is a CMA at Nathan’s doctor’s office, and he is smitten with her from the first glance. Thanks to Helen, Nathan decides keeping up his bi-monthly doctors visits is the smart thing to do. Finding the courage to ask her out, they find love and respect within their relationship, but issues arise due to Nathan’s PTSD. Will their relationship endure the trauma that Nathan has been dealt? Will therapy help enough that their love will survive?


Mr. Helms has written a poignant tale of those who suffer from the ravages of war. This is not an easy story to read - it can be graphic at times, but very realistic. The side characters add much to the story along with their heart-breaking tales. Some scenes end abruptly, and the flow seems to be a bit rushed for the last third of the book, along with the ending. That aside, one will find themselves cheering for Nathan to find the happiness and joy he deserves. Thank you for your service Mr. Helms, Semper Fidelis!


Lynne Bryant