Prisoner of the Highlander (Highland Chiefs #4) Kate Robbins


Annabella Beaufort is cousin to the Queen, and on her visit to Linlithgow Palace in Edinburgh she is entranced by King James' court.  When the castle comes under attack by Highlanders seeking to free their Laird from the dungeons she is kidnapped and held for ransom; to be exchanged for Alexander MacDonald, Lord of the Isles.  Held by his son Angus, Annabella is treated with dignity and care, which softens her toward him.  Others in his castle love her kindness and inquisitive nature. Angus and Annabella are frustrated by the desire they feel for one another when they are together, but it is unmatched to the pain they feel when they are apart. 


This historical romance takes some liberties with a few facts, but keeps many in place.  Angus realizes what a spitfire the Lady Annabella really is. She stands up to him, questions him, but then she plays the lady of breeding she is supposed to be when others are present.  She baffles him, excites him, and infuriates him throughout the story and it is completely mutual. It is a great tale of how love can be wondrous even in uncommon circumstances.  Annabella can be a frustrating character, for her pride and expected demeanor battle each other throughout the story. The author draws the reader into the story so completely that they want to shout at Annabella to take love over the proper expected behavior!  The plot development is woven masterfully to keep the reader turning the pages. Annabella does not play the victim or damsel in distress so the love story is refreshing. 


Laura Dinsdale