A Princess Is Always Right (The Windsor Diaries-Volume 4)


STEAMPUNK:  Time traveler Sofia Windsor, Princess of York, is bound by duty.  She has to prevent a timeline being changed, if not totally eliminated.  Jax Ruston is relieved to return to his own time of 1855 and he’s pledged himself to help Sofia.  Racing across Europe they struggle with their attraction for each other while facing being separated by their own timelines.  Can they save the future from certain chaos or will they suffer to live the lives they in the time they were each born. 

This time travel, steampunk tale is vivid in its intricate journey during the Victorian age.  Readers are immediately thrust into an opening scene that has a cast of characters brimming with names, titles, personalities with backstories that can be overwhelming while trying to establish a footing in which this stories foundation is based.  While the style moves the story along at a smooth pace, this fourth installment of a series may leave readers who have not read previous installments a little in the dark, and unable to fully grasp the total plot involving a time traveling maniac intent on changing the future.  While Sofia and Jax are obviously enamored of each other, the basis for their attraction was established in prior installments and this segment finds them twitterpated as to what to do with their split timeline relationship. Author Stephanie Burkhart has penned another imaginative endeavor displaying a rich period of time.

Roberta Gordon