The Prince’s Highland Bride (Hardy Heroines Book 6)

Cathy MacRae,
DD MacRae

Maggie MacLaren has lost almost everything. Discarded by her husband over her inability to bear him a child, she is sent back to her home with nothing but the deed to an unknown remote island, a feeble replacement for the dowry that originally accompanied her. King Phillipe de Potiers has also lost everything. Barely surviving a coup that assured him nothing but a wrongful execution, he is now on the run simply as Phillipe, selling his sword skills to survive, and living a life far from Armenia where he once ruled. When he is offered the chance to explore the mystery island Maggie owns, he has no idea that both of their futures could be about to change forever.

Set in the 1300s, this book immediately sets itself apart with the introduction of Maggie, a woman who was once married, but was cast aside because of her inability to bear a son for her husband. Not widowed, but not pure enough to remarry, Maggie is an amazing character, brushing off the stigma that she has been tarred with. She is not looking for another man to care for her, she just hopes that the island she has will allow her to live out her days in peace. With no idea of Phillipe’s history, only that he has been hired to scout the island, the romantic tension between them is electric. When the island turns out to be full of pirate treasure that neither of them expected, decisions have to be made that will change their lives forever. Unique and well written, this Highland romance is a winner!  

Melanie Newton