Pride of Valor (Men of the Squadron Book 3)

Andrea K.

Lady Harriet, widowed Marchioness of Blandford, lives in the country where she takes care of her grandmother and son. Harriet has a lot on her shoulders, especially since her grandmother likes to run off thinking that she is performing in the theater. Royal Marine Sergeant, Richard Bourne, notices a fanatical elderly woman who is dressed as a witch and reciting Shakespeare at a tavern, and Richard, being the gentleman that he is, decides to take the lady back to her home. Upon arriving to the matron’s home, however, her grandson’s humongous mastiff ambushes Richard, injuring him. Harriet has no choice but to take care of Richard until he is better. As Richard slowly recovers, Harriet develops a strong attraction for him. Richard knows that he is falling for Harriet too, but love just wasn’t supposed to happen.

What a pleasingly told historical romance! The adventures, trials and hardships of all the characters might be gritty and harsh, but everyone handles each burden proficiently. The story moves beautifully until the ending which comes too quickly, feeling rushed and somewhat anticlimactic. Many problems were resolved too easily. Plus, so many situations are happening that things aren’t even explained fully so the believability of it all does not seem plausible. The reader may also have a hard time processing everything that is going on. Harriet, the sensible older heroine, is easy to like and sympathize with. Richard, the handsome naval officer, is a perfect chivalrous hero to fall in love with too. The rest of the characters are quite endearing. A very satisfying book that is both comedic and genuinely  told with much feeling!

Roslynn Ernst