Pride and Prejudice: Darcy Chooses (Darcy and Elizabeth, vol #3)


Elizabeth Bennett and Fitzwilliam Darcy meet by chance at a carriage accident. Mr. Darcy offers his assistance and creates their initial meeting prior to the infamous country ball he attends with Mr. Bingley from the original Pride and Prejudice. Caroline Bingley accepts the challenge that Miss Bennett is her rival for Mr. Darcy's affections and hatches a mischievous plan to rid herself of Elizabeth and her sister Jane from her brother's affections. Meanwhile Wickham has a plot of his own to unleash when he seeks revenge against Darcy. Will Elizabeth and Darcy still find love with the forces working against them?


In this retelling of the original classic, much is kept the same along the main story line. With a look at both Elizabeth and Mr. Bingley's relationship with Mr. Darcy prior to the country visit, it adds an interesting perspective although taking away from the initial meeting between Elizabeth and Darcy at the infamous ball, as it is one of the major appeals of the classic. There is a lot of narrative rather than dialogue between characters. A very wicked plot by both Wickham and Caroline Bingley adds a darker element that is both intriguing and thrilling. With the loss of Catherine De Burgh, these two malicious plotters add a redeeming quality to the book but overall not a completely captivating one, yet still worth a read - particularly for those Austen enthusiasts.


Lauren Taylor