Presenting Miss Letitia (Once a Wallflower #1)


Debutante Letitia Bromley is about to embark upon her first London Season.  Freshly arrived from a village in Cumbria, she longs for romance, especially after having read the diaries of her great-aunt Lydia, who sailed the high seas with her pirate lover. Letitia is initially chaperoned by her Aunt Edith, a woman who has some rather old-fashioned ideas that sometimes drive Letitia a little nuts, so she’s relieved when her family friend Lady Arietta assumes the role.  

When Letty’s new patroness enlists her help to right a wrong done to her dead husband, Letty cannot refuse. This quest brings her closer to Brandon Cartwright, a dangerous man who might also be a spy for the French. 

The romance between Brandon and Letty unfolds at a slow but steady pace, drawing in the reader by showing the growing connection between both characters. The spy angle is interesting and gives an extra dimension to the story. In contrast to the love story, the suspense is spot-on and fast-paced, right from the start. The historical details and setting are described quite well, and it is easy for the reader to picture having traveled back in time to the past. A beautiful beginning to a new series, "Presenting Miss Letitia" will have regency fans clamoring for the next novel!  

Majanka Verstraete