Power of the Matchmaker: A Novella Prequel

Heather B.

“Power of the Matchmaker” is a prequel to a twelve-book series of related stories involving a legendary matchmaker.  This prequel gives us that matchmaker’s story.  Mae Li has loved Chen Zhu for a long time, and when she believes they will finally be together, he is matched to another girl in her village, and she with another boy.  Chen Zhu really loves her, but he must honor his family by marrying the girl the matchmaker has chosen.  He gives her a beautiful, pearl-embedded comb as a farewell. Heartbroken, Mae Li flees her village and goes to the city.  On the edge of death, she’s saved by a matchmaker and she realizes her own destiny as the next matchmaker.


This is a lovely novella. Mae Li’s story is heartbreaking and heart-warming at the same time. Her determination to follow her heart even if it leads her away from the security of home and family will appeal to the reader.  The depictions of historical Shanghai feel authentic and add depth to the story. The magical power of true love is the underpinning to this novella, and the reader will finish reading this with a smile, although also with tears in their eyes.  “Power of the Matchmaker” will stir up interest for continuing the series to explore the matchmaker’s future work, pairing true lovers together.

Danielle Hill