Pondered in her Heart


Does one remarry for love or security when the first and true love of their heart is dead…. And almost gone? 1775 and Felicia Hawkings is the new widow, after her beloved husband, Major Thomas Hawkings, is killed in a raid. Their lives had been perfect, and they were expecting their first child. Now, the musket’s fire stole her one and only away. However, the grieving Felicia must remarry before her child is born. She must have a husband to provide security for her and her child. Two men offer: one an old friend and the other a relative stranger. Both can give her security, but can either one give her what she really needs: love? She may ponder her choices for now, but time is not on her side. The babe continues to grow, the war for freedom wears on, and Thomas’ ghost lingers, trying to share something from beyond the grave.

This is a fantastic read for fans of multi-thread books. This is a historical, accurately covering a tumultuous time in America’s history with the beginnings of the Revolutionary War. There is a lover’s triangle between Felicia and the two men vying for her hand, Henry Moore and Nathaniel Poe. The strong supporting cast of secondary characters lend additional strength.  Unfortunately, the story is also plagued by frequent typos, missing words, and word errors, increasing as the story concludes, distracting from the action. The story is creative and unique and offers many surprises and gives a shocking conclusion tied up in a neat bow. Grammar aside, this story is a must read!

Emerson Matthews