A Pledge of Passion, The Rules of Engagement, #2


Lady Mariah Morehaven has led a sheltered life at her family estate in the country. An heiress to a barony with extensive lands and substantial income, she worries she’ll be the target of fortune hunters. She knows she must marry, but desires love rather than convenience from her husband. Enter Mr. Nicolas Needham, a younger son with nothing to offer except himself. Even though they have fallen in love, Nick’s pride insists he better his position before officially offering his hand. He pledges his love to Mariah, but begs for a year to advance in his field and asks that she wait for him. They say absence makes the heart grow fonder. Or does it?


If searching for a sweet-with-a-hint-of-spice historical romance with compelling characters, sneaky shenanigans and a happily ever after, then look no further! Mariah and Nick could be anyone’s friend in any era with their insecurities, pride, and self-made stumbling blocks preventing them from achieving love everlasting. Luckily for this bumbling couple they have friends who conspire for and against them in an effort to unite two people meant for each other. The only cons to this enthralling tale are the swiftness of their love declarations so soon after meeting and some editing errors, but those are minor bumps in Mariah and Nick’s rocky road to happiness. Though it may be a difficult task to accomplish, sometimes pride must be swallowed in order to receive one’s greatest gift - love.


Carol Conley