At the Pleasure of the Marquess


Hortense Marchand worked hard to make a name for herself as an investigator for people of the ton. Growing up an orphan and a skilled pickpocket, Hortense had mastered the art of being invisible. When Nick, an old friend, asks her to examine his brother’s current drinking situation, Hortense quickly agrees to the task, expecting to find a wastrel serving as Marquess of Clare. Instead, there she finds a man who is not only sober, but keenly aware of his surroundings and in need of his own investigative services to find out what happened to a past lover. When Hortense’s investigation leads them to the very snake that she had never fully escaped from, Hortense must make a deal that would change her life forever. Looking to pull off an elaborate scheme, Hortense and Jamie must marry quickly and in name only. While both can feel the strong pull towards each other, Hortense’s past won’t allow her to live in Jamie’s world forever.

Readers will fall in love with Sofie Darling’s tale that intertwines two worlds that are so completely different yet complement each other beautifully. Hortense, strong and independent, could never see herself as a Marchioness, and yet, she fits the role so well it’s as if she has been brought up for that very purpose. Every secondary character has their own small part in the story which magnificently adds another layer to the protagonist’s overall narrative. The heat and desire between Jamie and Hortense is obvious early on, but the need to protect her heart only endears one to her. An absolute gem of a book!

Marie Sanderson