The Pirate's Redemption

Ruth A.

In 1267, Scottish Moira MacDougal is truly struggling with the hand that fate has dealt her. Her father is now dead with her beloved brother being killed three years prior in a raid, leaving her to become the reluctant chieftain of her clan. The trust from her people does not come easily, and she is still struggling with her grief and her sudden responsibilities. Gareth Talbot is an English captain sailing under the pirate king MacAlpin, waiting for his opportunity to shed his exiled, landless persona for good. Their paths cross when pirates raid Moria’s village and Gareth is blamed for the destruction. They work together to uncover the traitor in their midst, and find that they have a common enemy as well as mutual attraction for one another.

Ruth A. Casie’s enjoyable tale about love, traitors, and redemption makes for a gratifying read for anyone to relish! Through her spectacular writing, Ms. Casie really transports the reader into her novel and makes everything, from the setting to the characters, so realistic. Moira is high-spirited despite the circumstances that have been forced upon her; she is a ray of light in Gareth’s life. The plot moves at a steady pace consistently through the story and never feels as if the reader is being rushed towards the end. The realistic dialogue really adds another level to this novel and transports the reader from the open sea to the land of Scotland. The only negative one would have to acknowledge about this wonderful story is that it has to end! 

Jen Griffin