The Pirate's Duchess


Prudence Denzell, Duchess of Blackmore, is widowed and heartbroken after the death of her husband Tobias, Duke of Blackmore. When the opportunity comes along to seek happiness again she jumps at it and marries Basil, Earl of Markwick but before the ceremony could take place she discovers her late husband is still alive. With old secrets and revenge on his mind he seeks to destroy an old enemy. However, in the process he risks losing the love of Prudence and everything that he has dreamed of and worked for. He must weigh the pros and cons of revenge vs. love, and find out for himself which is truly stronger.

Drama and tension intertwine their way through this book, from chapter to chapter. Prudence has a lot of courage and the strength to face the dilemma in which she finds herself. Her loyalty, which is torn between Tobias and Basil, is admirable. While the fun and romantic dialogue is a draw, the occasional thread of distrust between Tobias and Prudence sets a small rift and challenges the reader's attention. Still, Tobias is alluring and with pirates, betrayal and adventure that throw the hero and heroine into danger, time and time again, it is riveting and enjoyable from the story to the romance, while keeping you turning the pages.

Margaret Faria