A Pirate at Pembroke


REGENCY:  Sophie Crestwood has not found a man who is interested enough in her to offer for her hand.  When Sophie meets her new neighbor, Captain Edward Murdock, rumors swirl that he is a pirate. Sophie’s brother, Jack, can’t keep his curiosity at bay and frequently sneaks onto Captain Murdock’s land.  As  Sophie saves Jack repeatedly from trouble, she develops an unlikely friendship with Captain Murdock. Despite their friendship, Sophie’s father forbids her to see him because  Sophie has received an invitation to visit a wealthy lady to spend time in her house and possibly secure a match with the lady’s nephew. Captain Murdock also is invited, and Sophie spends even more time with him, slowly falling for him. Things aren’t easy or always as they seem. Captain Murdock treats her well, but is there more to his feelings than friendship?

The story is quite engaging, easily understood and moves along nicely, avoiding flowery dialogue or descriptions. The family’s unique proclivities are also endearing, even though this seems to get them in trouble. The time period, though, is never fully disclosed, leaving the reader wondering what year it actually is. Plus, the many miscommunications between the characters get pretty tiring.  The hero, Captain Murdock, is so mysterious that readers never know his true feelings and are left questioning his attraction to Sophie. Even with his gruffness, there is a sensitive and protective side to him that dis attractive. Sophie, the ever-practical heroine, is much more lovable, and readers will easily relate to her.

Roslynn Ernst