The Pirate Duchess

Esmeralda Crobbin and Brandon Gilroy’s fates collide one night as he helps rescue her from a dirty brawl. Little does he know, however, that the sunset-haired beauty is really the infamous Irish Red. Esmerelda inherited the title but enthusiastically enjoys pillaging the British Navy as an American Privateer during the War of 1812.  Little does she know, however, that the handsome Naval Captain will haunt her for years to come, and may just be the answer to her secret dreams of finding her family - as well as carrying on her legacy.
We have a swashbuckler of a romance in this one, folks!  It is interesting and creative, yet never falls to the ordinary clichés. Ms. Allyn deftly weaves a story of a woman searching for her roots into an action and intrigue-filled story of discovering love - not an easy task!  The characters are real with surprising depth of character and historical significance. There were some odd switches in POV from third person to first that were disrupting, and the sudden love aspect after only two short encounters never succeeded in being believable.  But, as the story progressed, those feelings were given more concrete evidence, satisfying the inconsistency.  The mystery and intrigue, while a bit underdeveloped, were all kinds of fun to follow!  Overall, for just sheer reading enjoyment, this story is perfect!  It keeps one turning the pages and loving every twist!
Ruth Lynn Ritter