A Pirate’s Wrath: Pirates of Britannia



During 1490, Seonag Ruane discovers that her father is dead, supposedly due to a French attack. This story doesn’t ring true, as none of the other crew members are injured, so Seonag spends her time planning her revenge on the man she believes is responsible. She dresses like a boy to join a crew of pirates who also want revenge on the traitors. Captain Colin “Honey” Harris selects her, believing her to be a boy, and looks on with disbelief as Seonag makes ‘himself’ invaluable to the crew. Harris and his crew have an idea of where to find the traitors, so they set sail after them, and eventually find them. Things take an unexpected turn when they find the ship, causing Honey’s pride to take a hit. 

Ms. Ash does a masterful job of transporting the reader onto the ship and into this period of piracy and treachery. This story pulls the reader in from the start, because it is so easy to care for Seonag and her mother in their time of heartache and tragedy. There are some awkward, lighthearted moments that occur between Honey and Seonag on the ship, which add balance and fun to the serious need for revenge that both protagonists are carrying in their hearts. For a shorter book, these characters are rendered in surprising detail. While parts of the story are predictable, there are a few delightful surprises in store for the book lover. This story will leave the reader with a warm feeling and a sense of delight at having been a part of something special!

Carey Sullivan