A Pirate’s Kiss

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 In the early 1900s, pirates still exist, they just keep a lower profile.  When Jessamine gets separated from her father on a trip to New Orleans, she is forced into a life of dressing as a boy and serving on a pirate ship. Ten years later, she tries to steal back her captain’s ship only to be captured when another pirate, LeBlanc takes the ship and its crew by force.  LeBlanc realizes that Jesse is a girl, and plans to exploit her secret.
On the other hand, Dulac, an undercover pirate hunter who inadvertently gets caught in LeBlanc’s trap, does not. Jesse develops feelings for Dulac, who is adamantly not a ‘man-lover’.  Then why does he have these inappropriate feelings for her?  Dulac and Jesse, reluctant pirates-in-arms, go from one dangerous situation to the next, their love growing with each turn.  They will have to conquer their very determined enemies to gain their happy ending and a chance to see their families again.
 Josephine Templeton takes the reader on a whirlwind adventure at the turn of the 20th Century. “Pirate’s Kiss” is definitely a page-turner!  The adventure was practically non-stop, and although the love scenes are fade to black, Templeton deftly develops the romantic tension and sensuality between Jesse and Dulac. The characters were somewhat underdeveloped and at times their actions seem inauthentic, overshadowed by the fast-paced adventure storyline.  Dulac came off as reckless and immature, and since the narrative lacked revelation of their inner motivations, the villains seemed somewhat like caricatures. Still, it is fun and interesting, a good choice for fans who enjoy pirate historical romance with high-paced adventure!
Danielle Hill