A Pirate’s Curse


PARANORMAL:  Hannah Knight is in trouble – her father’s ship is being attacked by pirates! And they are not ordinary pirates, oh no, they have red eyes, are really hard to kill and they can turn into bats! Vampire pirates! Luckily, another ship comes to rescue and saves her and her father. There’s just one tiny little issue – they are pirates as well. The rescue pirate captain (who is also a vampire) – Kane O’Brien doesn’t seem to be that bad. And as they spend more and more time together, she can’t help but like and admire him. If only the bad pirates chasing them weren’t a danger. Oh, let's not forget that there’s a demon around, a demon responsible for the vampire state of the pirates. And that the bad guys want her for her gypsy powers. In order to come to terms with their feelings they will first have to survive.


A paranormal romance which succeeds in creating  a unique world! Hannah is resilient, and doesn’t buckle under pressure. Kane, a man cursed, still holds onto his honor. Their relationship is a bit unbelievable - their situation is such that the speed in which they fell in love doesn’t fit. Also, Kane doesn’t seem to be ruthless enough to be a pirate – they managed to defeat the bad guy a couple of times, but never really made sure he wouldn’t come back for them (not that they should’ve killed him, but after the second (or third attempt) it became superfluous).  All in all, it’s an imaginative idea which made for a book filled with action, paranormal creatures, magic and romance!

Ana Smith