The Pirate’s Bluestocking – A Pirates of Britannia Novel


Declan Kelly has inherited his uncle’s pirating vessel and crew but not his pirating spirit, so he tries to revamp the unwilling crew into privateers instead. While on a mission to rescue his niece from flesh traders, four of his friends and crew are captured and destined to hang. Declan strategizes a plan to remove them from the hangman’s noose, and part of his plan falls into his hands unexpectedly in the form of a stowaway in his cart of contraband. Kitty Wyverne, bluestocking heiress, has managed to escape her abductor/fiancé and hide in a cart headed to port where she plans to beg safe return passage to her home in Bath, England. Declan and Kitty are cast into a whirlwind adventure filled with combustible attraction, inept mutiny, and diabolical betrayal before they can hope to reach a hopeful destination of love.

Chasity Bowlin manages to infuse a familiar storyline and familiar characters with enough charm and swashbuckling adventure for readers to thoroughly enjoy her novella, “The Pirate’s Bluestocking.” This novella is a fast-paced buccaneer to the damsel’s rescue tale swimming with the lure of gallantry, sauciness, sensuality, and villainy. The chemistry between Declan and Kitty will have readers drowning in their undeniable attraction for each other. The thrilling action scenes are fraught with enough breath-stealing tension to propel the plot onward. The seafaring world is so vividly drawn that its bait will not fail to whet the reader’s imaginations. The dastardly bad guys will inspire fist thumping righteousness. All in all, this brief tale will cruise its readers through a quick rocky voyage to a satisfying docking of maritime bliss! Anchors away!

Tonya Mathenia