Phoebe's Promise (Oregon Sky Series Book 1)

Kay P.

WESTERN:  Phoebe Hamilton, along with her younger sister Grace, leaves St. Louis in order to escape the nefarious machinations of her uncle, who is suspected of being involved in the death of her father. Traveling in a wagon train heading to Oregon disguised as a boy, Phoebe has been entrusted in the hands of the wagon master, Colton Wallace, who is Phoebe’s brother’s best friend, to assure her safety on the journey. Phoebe faces many obstacles along the way, including having her subterfuge unmasked. However, her biggest challenge is trying not to fall in love with the enigmatic Colton.


This oft-told tale of a girl disguised as a boy hiding on a wagon train to escape the depraved clutches of a guardian is not new, however this short but sweet romance is not riddled with a lot of danger or mishaps, nor a villain that is extremely evil. Containing characters that are likeable and real, the plot moves slow and steady, except for an ending that is a bit rushed. With no unexpected incidents or mysteries to solve, the reader quickly ascertains the attraction the protagonists feel from the very beginning of their first meeting and is not surprised when that attraction turns into love. Taking place in the late 1700s in the undeveloped territories of America, this novel will appeal to readers of history, westerns, and sweet romance alike.


Janna Shay