A Perfect Fit: Cinderella (Tangled Tales Series Book 6)


Ella slipped and hit her head and has difficulty remembering her past. The family she lives with despises her and treats her like a servant. However, what she doesn’t know is that she has been cursed by the evil witch Hecuba. Ella is actually the daughter of Lucio de Bar. All of her siblings have been cursed as well. Her curse is that she forgets her family and her one true love, William. William Fremont returns from war and discovers that the woman he was going to marry is dressed as a peasant and doesn’t remember who he is. Soon the curse will affect everyone and no one will remember Ella. How can this curse be broken? Will William and Ella ever get to be together again?

This is lovely Cinderella retelling with a twist. Ella is timid and unsure of herself because of her lost memories. However, throughout the novel she learns to stand up for herself. William has determination. Even though there is a slight twist to this Cinderella tale, it doesn’t offer anything new. The outline of the story is pretty much the same, leaving all the characters and storyline predictable. The dialogue is also choppy and cheesy, which is quite distracting at times. The book also ends with a cliffhanger that introduces the plot of the next book without concluding all of the plot points in this story.  However, the pacing does move quickly and whole book could be read in one afternoon. Overall, this story is enchanting from beginning to end! 

Amanda Hupe