The Perfect Duke


Garret Winston, Duke of Kendal, has striven to be the perfect duke since the death of his brother Edward.  He is known as the “Marble Duke” because of his rigid manners and personality. To his surprise, his deceased betrothed is in fact living as a vicar’s daughter.  He arranges for her to work as governess to his niece, in order to prove her acceptability as his future bride. What Garret doesn’t count on is falling deeply in love with Cara. Cara McClure was raised on fairy tales, and when she meets the Duke of Kendal, she recognizes him as her dream prince. Despite her dreams, she knows that a vicar’s daughter won’t make a suitable duchess. Garret is determined to prove that she’s the perfect bride, because having his true love is much more important than being the perfect duke.

“The Perfect Duke” is a Georgian historical with a good sense of period.  The use of fairy tales as a motif works very well.  Garret’s transition from a man of cold demeanor to a passionate man in love is convincing. He’s a very appealing hero. Cara is a likable heroine with a sweet, giving, dreamy nature. However, her rigid insistence on refusing to marry Garret becomes tedious. The mystery of Cara’s disappearance from her family adds a sense of tension to the novel. The inconsistency in overall tone, along with a conclusion that is surprisingly dark and twisted  detracts from what would otherwise be a first rate read. Despite its shortcomings, however, “The Perfect Duke” is an enjoyable, romantic story.

Danielle Hill