The Peer’s Roguish Word (The Duke's Pact Book 5)


Kitty Dell is going to London for the season with her family. She is very learned and hopes to find a man equally learned to be her perfect match. Upon appearing at her first ball, she is introduced to Sir John Kullehamnd who is older, very well versed but morose. Giles Dermot, Lord Grayson is interested in Kitty, but she looks upon him with disdain because of his “love them and leave them” reputation. He is very fun-loving. Her family believes Giles to be too stupid for her. Kitty is invited to a Royal Society meeting; and at this meeting, Sir John has received a peculiar letter stating there is an interloper in the Society who wants to cause their downfall. Everyone begins to search for clues to find this imposter. Kitty mentions it to Giles, and he offers to help solve the mystery.

“The Peer’s Roguish Word” is a brilliantly articulated story of opposites attracting. Giles has a bad reputation, but is pure at heart. He knows his own mind, but before he realizes it, he has fallen for Kitty – hard. The heroine is a bluestocking to the nth degree and must be taught it is alright to enjoy life and have fun along the way. The balls are described in intimate detail making it easy to imagine the glittering of the chandeliers with their candles aglow. Kitty’s family is a delight adding much to a wonderful story filled with mystery. Several plot twists will keep the reader engaged in this amusing tale. This story is so tantalizing one will want to read the entire series!

Belinda Wilson