That Pearly Drop (Murphy's Laws of Time Travel #1)


TIME TRAVEL/PARANORMAL/SUSPENSE THRILLER:  Emma is on vacation, visiting Stonehenge with her two best friends, when she is struck by lightning during a nighttime storm. She awakens to find herself in the very same inn she had been staying in, but two hundred and fifty years in the past, next to the body of a dead woman. Knowing she needs a safe place to stay while she figures out how to get back to 2013, she takes the coach ticket and belongings of the dead woman and makes her way to Wye Castle to become a governess. Ian is her new employer and before long, her new husband.

As if being trapped in the past wasn’t bad enough, people are disappearing, Emma’s charge Fiona has an imaginary hobgoblin friend who may not be so imaginary, and Ian seems to think Emma is the descendent of a mythical god, same as he, causing Emma to begin to doubt her own sanity.

"That Pearly Drop" is a fast-paced, steamy and witty read full of magic, lore, shifters and mystery. Emma’s sense of humor as she stumbles through her days trying to fit into the eighteenth century will have readers laughing out loud. If not for some slight errors in consistency and editing, as well as being a touch long-winded, this would have been a five star read.

Molly S. Daniels