Pearls of Fire (Pirates of Britannia #13)


Emma Langdon is desperate. Her mother is dead, and her father is ill and has disappeared in pursuit of a missing but cursed heirloom, the Pearls of Fire. Hugh Le Brecque should be the perfect person to help her find him. A handsome viscount and former pirate charged with murdering his friend, Hugh is facing hanging unless he can somehow bribe the royal family with the Langdon pearls or find proof of his innocence. Prepared to escape captivity he is astonished by Emma’s offer to free him if he helps her find her father. Neither has ever forgotten the other and much has changed since they first met, but can they contain the passion that threatens to erupt between them and find her father, or will the curse strike again and leave them both in the hands of enemies?

A stand-alone historical romance, “Pearls of Fire” is half passion and half adventure with a pirate backdrop. An interesting read, this book gives a couple a second chance while danger awaits. While the story does have some mystical elements, like whether the pearls are really cursed, the bulk of it focuses on the relationship between the main characters and whether they can trust one another. The story spends many pages building up to finding Emma’s father and proof of Hugh’s innocence but ends up resolving those issues abruptly. Instead, the relationship between Hugh and Emma takes precedence and in a blazing way too. Overall, readers looking for a solid adventure will find this book alright, but readers looking for pirates and passion will want to give this book a read!

Sarah E Bradley