The Pawn (The King’s Cousins #1)


Growing up in convent, Katelyn de Blays has few memories of her life before she was sent into exile.  Time passes, and Katelyn has little hope of happiness until her brother finds her and whisks her away to the court of their cousin, King Edward III.  At court, Katelyn believes she will have freedom until Edward betroths her to the Earl of Northumberland.  Sir Nicholas Mandeville returns home, to find his father not only dead but also himself married by proxy to the widow: Katelyn.  Can two strangers overcome circumstances out of their control and find a love that can stand firm?  “The Pawn,” the first in the King’s Cousins trilogy, follows Nicholas and Katelyn as they struggle to know what love means and the lengths they will go for it.

Set in the mid 1300’s in northern England, “The Pawn” is romantic tale of two individuals, both pawns in a political fight, who begin as strangers in a marriage, but time may change their hearts.  Katelyn’s strength and determination not to allow another to make decisions for her will draw readers to her side, so they will root for her to come out on top.  Nicholas is a gentleman, a fighter, and a leader, that is to say, everything one looks for in the leading male role.  Although some plot lines make little sense or fall under the cliché banner, they do not take away from the over-all experience of the story.  The chase and the fight for love will warm readers’ hearts and leave everyone satisfied.

Amy Cefoldo