Path to Honor (Knights of Honor, book 9)


Lady Nan de Montfort is beautiful, charming, accomplished and the best archer in the region. Raised in a close family where everyone marries for love, she’s in no rush for marriage — until Lord Tristan arrives. He has come to buy horses and seek a husband for his sister, but his priorities are rearranged when he meets the intriguing Lady Nan.  There is no denying their attraction and it seems like a match made in heaven… if only Lord Tristan believed in love.

However, Lord Tristan is a damaged soul with a past he cannot overcome and an inability to bond with others. Nan, unable to marry a man who cannot love her, turns down his proposal, breaking both of their hearts. It is only when Nan is kidnapped and her life threatened that Tristan realizes the truth – but is he too late?

Ms. Aston brings the fourteenth century to life in this story of love and family, honor and duty. A high-spirited, independent woman, Nan is easy to cheer for and readers may just find themselves falling for her brooding knight. The chemistry between the two leads is believable as is Lady Nan’s reluctance to compromise. The pace is gentle, the prose immersive, and the plot, though thin, comes to a satisfying conclusion. The good characters are just a little too good, the bad characters one-dimensional. However, with noble knights, spunky ladies, courtly romance, swordplay, gloomy castles, and daring rescues, lovers of old swashbucklers will find plenty here to satisfy.

Janice Martin