Passion's Fury (Viking's Fury Book 3)


Although Lady Runa, sister of the powerful Jarl Roald, wants nothing more than to become a temple maiden, she is given no choice but to marry to secure an alliance for her family. She embarks on an excursion under the pretense of visiting one of her suitors to determine if he’s a suitable husband, but strong-willed Runa's only intention is to thwart her brother. However, accompanying her is the most trusted member of Jarl Roald's guard, and Captain Thorolf is the only man who captures her attention and has the ability to alter her dreams. 

Set in Norway, this historical romance captivates the senses and transports the reader to a time when Vikings ruled with an iron fist and women were used as pawns to strengthen the power of families. Although the third book in a series, “Passion’s Fury” stands alone and doesn’t disappoint with its engaging, strong characters and a storyline that rivets the reader to its pages. A little slow at the beginning to allow for the necessary background to be introduced, the pace nevertheless picks up quickly with a well-written story that doesn’t let up until its conclusion. Delivered with great protagonist chemistry, smoldering passion, and twists and turns that keep the reader riveted to the pages, this enthralling novel will appeal to readers of many genres.

Janna Shay