Reviews - Historical

While still a child, Caitrin Fletcher was sent from her home to foster with the Lathan Clan.  Heartbroken and hiding a gift for discerning lies, Caitrin must fit in at all costs.  This she does by attaching herself to the Laird’s young son, Toran, and his cousin Jamie.  Both boys are convinced

Fitzwilliam Darcy has not given up hope, even though Elizabeth Bennet has turned down his suit. With a strategy all worked out, he decides to aid the Bennets in finding Elizabeth’s sister, Lydia, who has gone missing, and thereby become Elizabeth’s knight in shining armor.

MEDIEVAL:  Gilda Macrory, while trespassing on Macraig land, encounters a young man by the name of Ryan who captures her heart. When she discovers Ryan is not only from her clan’s sworn enemy but is also the son of Laird Macraig, her dreams are shattered.

Voices Echo (Voices #3)
Linda Lee

MYSTERY:  When Rhiannon Ross married her husband Albert, she never thought he would leave her shortly afterward for his plantation in the West Indies. Deciding to take matters into her own hands, she devises a plan to secure her own financial independence.

Caroline Woodard traveled to the quiet, forsaken coast of Cornwall to attend her cousin at her wedding. Georgina has found true love and happiness, an ideal that Caroline herself can only dream.  Her finicky requirements have so far left her close to becoming a spinster.