Passion’s Exile


Lady Rosemund knew she would be required to marry someone of her parents choosing, so when Sir Gawter comes to claim her, she is resigned... until an unsuspecting discovery shows her his true nature and the horrible truth of what she will become if the marriage takes place.  Barely escaping in the night, Rose hides within a group of pilgrims bound for St. Andrews.


Sir Pierce was a nobleman, until the day he committed an unforgivable crime.  Now he is a mercenary traveling undercover to unmask an assassination attempt.  He has hidden too long not to know when someone else is carrying a secret and Rose is most assuredly not what she seems.  But as the journey lengthens and passions stir can Blade persuade Rose to trust him with her secrets when he dare not do the same?  And, will his attraction to her destroy all he has worked so hard to overcome?


For those who love tortured knights and damsels in distress, this is a must read! The story is very nicely written and Ms. Campbell’s voice is smooth and easy to savor.  The plot, itself starts out with a bang, winding the reader’s emotions in instantly and keeps them anxiously engrossed. It does drag for a bit in the middle but picks up again near the end.  There is never a declaration of love from Blade which is disappointing, and the reader never learns how he regains his position, which leaves a very large thread hanging.  Still, "Passion's Exile" is a very enjoyable way to pass an afternoon!


Ruth Lynn Ritter