Overruled by Fate


Nathaniel and Madeline have been friends since childhood. Nate is the son of a servant; Madeline is the Lord's daughter. When Madeline's father arranges a marriage for her, she is heartbroken. Her feelings for Nate have grown and the feeling is mutual. When Nate is made the Captain of her guard, he accompanies Madeline and her new husband to their home. Unknown to Madeline, there is someone in the home with sinister intentions. As she battles her feelings for Nate and tries to help her husband, Nate is struggling to keep his emotions in check. Will fate intervene and give them happiness?

From the first page, Leila Snow has written an excellent romance that is a true page-turner. The story between Nate and Madeline is filled with sexual and emotional tension; each situation pulls the reader in and keeps hold of them until the last page. The characters are varied, the plot moving at a brisk pace. Many emotions are thrown at the reader making this a fantastic read. The one criticism is that the passages at the end of each chapter disrupted the flow of the story. This book has it all, passion, love, mystery and murder! A perfect read for the side of the pool on vacation or in the garden in the summer. 

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick